Puppy Trapped In Gutter Wouldn’t Stop Crying Until Someone Helped Him

Felix was once a homeless dog from India. He roamed the streets in search of food and shelter. He ended up hurting his legs; he became trapped in a sewage gutter. He couldn’t move. All Felix could do to alert anyone to his plight was cry out as loud as possible. Thankfully, the right people came along and saved him.

Immediately after hearing of his predicament, Animal Aid Unlimited rushed out to assist the injured pup. Before they approached the gutter where Felix was trapped, they heard his painful cries; they knew something had to be wrong with the poor guy for him to be howling with such volume.

Delaying care for poor Felix wasn’t an option. They needed to get him medical attention immediately. They wrapped him in a blanket and scooped him up and away from the ugly streets, getting him to their hospital.

After his arrival at the Animal aid hospital, doctors sedated him and got to work treating his legs. They sutured them. Felix needed time and plenty of rest to recover. The staff knew that once Felix woke up, he would be a much happier and healed dog.

Within two weeks, Felix learned to trust the humans caring for him. He healed completely in that time frame. The sweet lovely pup is no longer the scared helpless and wounded pooch alone on the rough streets. He’s filled with joy and so grateful to those who rescued him. He shows them each day just how glad he is to be with them.

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