Puppy was born with a selfie on his ear


Every dog has their own unique way about them, but they have nothing on the dog in this story, as this creature was born with one of the most incredible “defects” ever. Her name is Lucy and in a world where we are all seemingly obsessed with the concept of taking selfies, Lucy has taken it to a whole new level.

Lucy was recently born to a rescue dog at the Humane Society of Greater Rochester in the past year and the staffers were recently alerted to the fact that she had some left ear markings that were unlike anything else that they had ever seen before.


Lucy was in their midst on a daily basis and they never took notice of her ear marking until it was pointed out by someone else. You may not even notice the marking on her ear unless you are willing to take a much closer look at her pictures.

From the looks of it, Lucy was born with her very own selfie on her ear and if you need any further convincing about her awesome birthmark, be sure to take a closer look at the side by side photos that support the claims of those who believe she has an ear selfie.


The selfie ear marking is more than just a mere interesting footnote in the life of Lucy, as it made her stand out even more to potential families in search of pets. Thanks to an online story about the marking, the shelter received increased interest from those who were willing to adopt Lucy.

To learn more about other pets that need to be adopted in the Rochester area, take time out to visit the Lollypop Farm website in order to discover dogs and cats that are in need of loving homes in your region.

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