Rare Footage Shows Fortune Teller Telling Kate Middleton She’d ‘Marry A Rich Prince’

For those of you who follow the story of the English royal family (and let’s be real, tons of Americans are fascinated by it), then you’re probably familiar with Kate Middleton’s backstory. If you’re not, here’s a brief refresher.

Kate was born in 1982 in Reading, England, to parents who were both airline employees. On her mom’s side, she came from a working-class family of coal miners. Kate’s mother, Carole, became an airline hostess when she was young, which was a super glamorous job back in the day. That’s how she met dispatcher Michael Middleton, who came from a wealthy family with aristocratic ties.

Together, Carole and Michael founded their own company and actually accrued an impressive fortune. Kate and her two siblings were sent to prestigious private schools. If you can believe it, young Kate was taunted by boys at her second school and rated a “two out of ten” in attractiveness. (I bet they’re eating their words now!)

Despite bullying, Kate did exceptionally well in school and was extremely bright. When she went to college in Scotland, she happened to be placed in the same dormitory as a one William Louis, who we all know as Prince William. She’d started dating another young man in her first year, but after she walked in a fashion show at the university, William was smitten.

She put him off for a while and he ultimately graduated. But then she was invited, with a few friends, to share a flat with William. That’s when their romance grew, but they mostly kept it secret because he was under huge press scrutiny.

In 2004, however, the paparazzi caught Kate on a family trip with the Royals. The rest, as they say, was history. It’s wild to think that someone from fairly humble beginnings would go on the marry a prince, but there’s one often-overlooked video that suggests that this was fate’s plan all along.

In a school play, young Kate was told that she would “meet a handsome man” and that he’d be a prince! The two, as she said, would one day be married. Little did anyone know back then that this would all come to fruition. Check out the oddly prophetic footage in the video below!

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