If You Have A Real Christmas Tree, You Need To Know The Ping Pong Ball Trick

Christmas tree decoration is a fine art. Those of us who wish to have the best and nicest tree often find ourselves struggling to maintain its aesthetic appearance. It is especially difficult for the revelers out there who insist on having a real Christmas tree. There are two camps here. There are the fake tree supporters who do not wish to deal with all of the difficulties.

Meanwhile, there are those who consider themselves to be Christmas purists. They prize the presence of a real tree in their homes and sneer at those of us who do not want to grapple with these issues. The group that you find yourself in will probably depend on your upbringing. The presence of small children in the home can also tip the scales towards a fake tree.

Are you someone who absolutely must have a real Christmas tree? There are a few important tips to remember. Experts recommend that we take a closer look at the local retailers. When we purchase trees from locations that are close to our home, we are able to enjoy an added sense of freshness. There are also ways to check the tree when we are at the lot.

Do the needles fall off the tree when we touch a branch? Can the tree fit the stand without having to strip away any bark? These are questions that need to be answered. The last test? Cutting into the trunk with a pruning saw. Taking an inch off before we leave the lot keeps the end of the tree from potentially glazing over with new pitch.

Once the tree has been brought home, we will need to be as vigilant as possible about watering it. If the water level dips too low, this can cause a number of problems. It is also important to remember that the tree is going to need a lot of water. A full gallon a water should be applied to the base of the tree and it is our responsibility to keep the tree healthy when we first bring it home.

By taking the time to utilize all of these hacks, we are able to avoid all of the issues that are associated with caring for “real” Christmas trees. What team are you on when it comes to Christmas trees? Share this story with your friends and loved ones to find out more about where they stand….

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