Reporter’s Review For “3 Second Brows” Will Have You Rolling On The Floor Laughing

Women will go to almost any length to look pretty. In some cases, they will use what they naturally have to work with but they will also accessorize when necessary to really take things to the next level.

Of course, trends come and go sometimes, it is almost too difficult to keep up. One of the trends that is quite popular recently is big eyebrows. This isn’t the first time that this trend has come around. If you look back at pictures from the 1980s, you will see that it was quite popular then as well.

The problem is, the trend in eyebrows in the recent past was to have them relatively thin so we may have spent a lot of time waxing and plucking. Now that big eyebrows are in again, we may have limited options. Or do we?

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Kristen Hampton is a reporter in Charlotte, North Carolina. She was willing to go the extra mile and review a solution for women who have thin eyebrows.

Kristin refers to herself as being a ‘trendsetter’ and she wanted to prove that fact with a review of a popular beauty accessory. She posted it on Facebook and it has people rolling in the aisles. The product is one of those “as seen on TV” items. In fact, she did two of those types of products that included ‘3 Second Brows’ and ‘Perfect Smile Veneers.’

The review is as good as you can possibly imagine.

Source: Facebook Video Screenshot

Kristin has been doing eyebrows by design so she was thrilled with the fact that you could try out the eyebrows stamp for only $15. She wanted those big, bushy eyebrows that you see on the fashion models.

She could hardly contain her excitement when she first got started, exclaiming: “Can’t wait to see how pretty I look!”

Source: Facebook Video Screenshot

The first eyebrow went on and it looked like she had a caterpillar crawling on her face. She didn’t let the first attempt distract her from her mission.

Source: Facebook Video Screenshot

She is loving what she sees so far but now she is ready to up the game and try out the arched stamp. It’s the only way that she could give the full review that we all crave. She had the following to say:

“It’s so beautiful and natural. I almost don’t want to wipe it off, but … what I just did will be my daytime brow, and then I’m gonna get super sexy with the arch.”

Unless you are blind or perhaps a little off your rocker, you recognize by this point that the arched look just isn’t working. If you read the comments on her Facebook post, before calling them “sexy caterpillars” somebody even posted, “I’m dead!”

Source: Facebook Video Screenshot

Now it was time to check out the as seen on TV veneers. She warmed up the audience by saying, “If you’ve got a messed up grill, and you want a perfect smile, you just slap these bad boys on.”

With that, she slipped the plastic teeth into place and it is impossible not to look at the results without laughing.

Source: Facebook Video Screenshot

At this point, she had only seen her own reaction in the mirror and what she may have seen while shooting the video. It was time to get the opinion of the public at large.

“I’m gonna hit up the McDonald’s drive-thru and I’ma be like, ‘hey.'”

Kristin pulled up to the McDonald drive-through window to order some sweet tea. As she met with the first cashier, she asked for an honest opinion. The woman tries her best to be politically correct but you can see the truth on her face.

Source: Facebook Video Screenshot

Okay, so that was the McDonald’s lady but Kristen wants to get more feedback from the public. She continues to ask complete strangers for their opinion and nobody is biting.

Kristin, on the other hand, seems quite happy over the new look.

Source: Facebook Video Screenshot

She hopes that everybody can be confident enough to achieve that level of sexy at some point in her life. She then ends the review with a wink and a smile, showing off her new, plastic grill.

If you’ve ever wondered about these as seen on TV products, you no longer are in the dark. Thank you Kristin for trying out these products and saving us a little cash in the process!

You can watch the video here:

Product testing the "3 Second Brow" eyebrow stamp 😂

Posted by Kristen Hampton WBTV Good News on Tuesday, June 6, 2017

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