This Restaurant Owner Has A Great Anthony Bourdain Story To Tell

We can all remember exactly where we were when we found out that Anthony Bourdain had passed away. He touched the lives of many and it seems like everyone who he had crossed paths with had a great story to tell. The unfortunate news that he had decided to take his own life hit a sizable number of people close to home. The world stopped in its tracks to mourn his untimely death.

A wide range of tributes and funny stories were offered up. Bourdain had been responsible for changing the culture and people wanted his next of kin to know just how instrumental he had been. Everyone from Gordon Ramsay to Barack Obama offered public condolences. Obama stated that Bourdain had not only taught us about food but about the importance of coming together across cultures.

Asia Argento lost her partner when Bourdain passed away. She said that he had become a fervent supporter of various social justice matters in recent years. He gave everything he had and his actions affected many. One restaurant owner took to Twitter to share their own Anthony Bourdain story. Jason Wang is the Xi-an Famous Foods CEO and he says that Bourdain played a massive role in his success.

Bourdain visited the restaurant over 10 years ago and fell head over heels for their lamb burgers in the process. Because he decided to feature them on the Travel Channel show that he was famous for, the restaurant ended up experiencing a massive surge in business. Wang says that Bourdain’s simple endorsement changed the life of him and his family forever.

When he reconnected with Bourdain several years later, he let him know more about the effect that he had. Bourdain did not want to take any of the credit for Wang’s success. He simply let him know that all he was doing was taking the time and effort to call out great food when he saw it. Wang believes that he owes his continued success to Bourdain and that is why he is coming forward to share this awesome story.






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