Rub Your Meat With Baking Soda Before Cooking It To Make A Delicious Steak

Baking soda is a staple of every household. While it can be difficult to assess the usefulness of every item that is contained within our pantry, baking soda has more utility than most of us realize. Did you know that baking soda can have a number of uses that extend well beyond the kitchen? Reader’s Digest is here to provide us with a helpful guide.

The average person overlooks the awesomeness of baking soda at their own peril. It is typically used for baking and this is where our knowledge tends to begin and end. There are some who may place baking soda inside of their fridge as a means of eliminating unpleasant odors. Just wait until you see what the good people at Reader’s Digest have in store for us, though.

This is the type of video that will have viewers kicking themselves when they realize all of the benefits that they could have been enjoying this whole time. The average gardener probably has no idea that their plants could have been enjoying the unique advantages that baking soda has to offer. All it takes is a few spoonfuls.

Once the baking soda has been added to the watering can, stir it up and give the flowers a much needed bath. They will thank you for it later! Flowers that have received the proper amount of baking soda are able to enjoy a far more colorful blooming period. Experts also believe that baking soda is helpful to the longevity of our flowers.

Dealing with a particularly difficult cut of meat? Baking soda is often used by experienced chefs who are looking for the best ways to tenderize. This process is also an incredibly simple one. All we need to do is rub a little bit of baking soda onto the meat and let it sit for a few hours. From there, you will find yourself wondering what took you so long to adopt this technique.

If you would like to learn more about the rest of the tips that are being provided by Reader’s Digest, be sure to check out this awesome video. You are sure to find new and interesting usages for your baking soda that you may not have ever taken the time to consider before. Once you have seen this clip for yourself, don’t be shy about passing it along.

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