Rumors Has It That Elsa Will Have A Girlfriend In ‘Frozen 2’

Now that the long awaited sequel to Frozen has a release date (November 2019), longtime fans of the modern animation classic have focused their attention to various rumors about the film. One particular rumor seems to have gained a ton of steam and has us wondering when these fans will heed the advice of the first film. That’s right, it is time for these people to let it go!

Some believe that the song “Let It Go” was Disney’s way of setting the stage for Elsa to have a female love interest in the newest installment. Meanwhile, the anti LGBT groups and fundamentalist Christians have taken to the Internet to voice their displeasure about the potential decision. These discussions have caused the director/writer of the film to weigh in on the matter.

Jennifer Lee was happy to address these rumors but she was very careful about doing so. She was not about to spoil the surprise or provide a definitive answer one way or the other. This is probably in her best interests. After all, what kind of director would she be if she was giving away major plot points almost two years before the movie is even released?

She is happy to see that the movie is driving conversation among the fan base but it is tough to say whether it is a positive one at the current moment. We hope that people are willing to sit back and enjoy the movie without having to project their personal ideals onto it. This conversation has become especially heated since the Disney Channel first decided to write a gay character into one of their shows.

Andi Mack is the first show on the Disney Channel to have an openly gay character of any kind and this is a massive step forward for the LGBT community. The haters who wish to put a stop to this type of progress had better sit back and get cozy. These characters are part of the new wave and we are more than happy to pledge our support to Disney for taking the proper steps.

Those who wish to express their bigotry in this regard are only going to experience increased opposition to their dated viewpoints and rightfully so. A Disney film does not have to share your religious ideals and if you are expecting this multimedia giant to have your views? You had better grab a Snickers because it is going to be one long wait!

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