Sandra Bullock Fights Back Tears As She Spills The Truth About Her Adopted Kids To Hoda

Being a parent means learning on the fly. After all, there is no handbook provided for such things. No one can prepare you for the task and it does not matter what type of advice that they provide. There is no substitute for good old fashioned on the job training. Sandra Bullock may seem as if she has it all but even the rich and famous still struggle with the concept of parenting.

She recently gave a candid interview with Hoda Kotb about the experience of becoming a mother at a more advanced age. Both women waited to have children and spent a sizable amount of time fretting about missing their potential window. There is a certain stigma that surrounds the idea of becoming a mother once you are past a specific age. Even women with access to their resources are still subjected to it.

Sandra was able to adopt two children of her own and she says that the experience has forced her to change priorities. According to Sandra, her children always come first. It is more important to Sandra to be a great mom than it is to be a great actress and this is the way that it should be. While it took her longer than most to arrive at these conclusions, it has not stopped her from being the very best mother she can.

As someone who adopted children, Sandra also has a unique outlook on motherhood. Hoda admitted that Sandra’s decision actually played a massive role in her own choice to adopt. She researched Sandra’s process and found out that she was not far apart from her in age. That’s when she realized that she would be able to start a process of her own. The interview becomes emotional when Hoda tells Sandra about this aspect of her own choice.

There is no box that we should be placing ourselves in when it comes to our happiness and this is something that Sandra takes to heart. No prospective mother should ever allow themselves to feel as if they do not have the ability to spread their love even further. The happiness that can be found with the magic of adoption is something that cannot and should not ever be ignored under any circumstances.

Be sure to check out this touching interview so that you can learn more about the journey that Sandra and Hoda have taken. These are two women who are well aware of the awesome power of love. The video below offers all of the proof that anyone could ever possibly need in that regard.

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