If You See This Purple Sea Creature On The Sand This Summer, Run Away

I love going to the beach. Curling my toes in the warm, wet sand is therapeutic. Feeling the water lap against my feet and ankles cools my hot skin. Waves wash away the heat of the day and relax me. All in all, it’s a tranquil experience.

It’s nice to walk barefoot along the shoreline where the sand is packed down and damp. There are colorful shells and other pretty things that wash up on shore that are fun to collect and keep in jars for decoration. They’re lovely to look at when the weather is cold and ugly.

Who knew there was a danger to be aware of while at such an awesome place. Unfortunately, there is. Similar to the jellyfish, the Portuguese man-of-war has been washing ashore on America’s east coasts. If you see them, steer clear.

The Portuguese man-of-war is neither exotic nor cute. It’s harmful to your health. They are a pretty blue or purple. Bubbles will be present on the water’s surface.  They have long, dark-purple tentacles. The tentacles are filled with venom.

Whether you observe them in the water or on the beach, avoid coming into contact with them because they can still sting you. And if you’re hurt, this can cause you some significant problems.

You could experience everything from painful welts to cardiac distress or even anaphylactic shock. Don’t delay in getting medical attention. Don’t urinate in the affected area. A cold compress may help relieve your pain.

Don’t be afraid to catch some rays and waves at the beach, but beware of the Portuguese man-of-war. A sting from just one tentacle will ruin your day for sure!

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