How To See All The Shady People Who Secretly Unfollowed You On Instagram

It seems like we’re all glued to our phones or computers checking who liked which of our posts. even if you’re not up to admit it, you do check to see who’s followed or unfriended you, who loves all your photos on Insta and who stalks you on Twitter. As with everything, there’s an app for that. Yes. You can, if you’re so inclined, keep dibs on all your social media profiles to see all the activity going on behind the scenes. If you’re curious about keeping tabs on your accounts, here are some apps that can help you keep track.

We have Thrillist to thank for all these awesome app suggestions. As of this writing, while linked to your profile, the app, Still friends can check your friend’s list. It can tell you who’s left. Still Friends is only available in the iTunes store. For checking friends and followers status on Instagram, you can use the app, Followers for Instagram. This app not only tells you who unfollowed you, but it also lets you know who has liked your posts the most, who your ‘worst followers’ are and also who has been spying on your page.

Though there isn’t a specific app for scrutinizing Snapchat, the platform does have a way you can check who’s blocked or unfriended you. You can do this by going into your friend’s list. Click and hold down the name of the friend and you’ll see their snap score.

The snap score is the total number of photos and videos you and your friend have sent to each other. If there isn’t a score, then this friend has either blocked or unfriended you.

For examining Twitter, there are two apps you can use: the first is called Who Unfollowed Me. when connected to your account, this app will troll your handle every hour and notify you of your gains and losses. It can also provide a 30-day view of your follower stats. The friend check. This app can do all Who Unfollowed Me does. The only difference with friend check is it can categorize your followers. You can place them into subcategories like talkative, famous, verified, and active. You get the idea.

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