Service Dog Is So Excited Seeing His Favorite Toy Has Come To Life

Julian Gavino gets around with the use of a wheelchair. Like so many others who are in his position, he decided to obtain a service dog for additional assistance. His service dog is named Atlas and Atlas is more than happy to make his life easier. He is a wonderful service dog and he is also a great friend to Julian. The two have become very close since they were united.

Atlas may love Julian very much but he also he has another toy that he is very fond of. He was given a stuffed Pluto doll and according to Julian, the pooch is unable to sleep at night unless they are cuddling. After Atlas develop a deep bond with the doll, Julian finally decided that it was time to provide the dog with a very special gift. What happened next will amaze you.

He decided to arrange for Atlas to meet his hero in person. The dog was taken to the home of the real, live Goofy at Disney World. When the dog was finally given the chance to spend time with his hero, he was as happy as could be. It also gave Julian great joy to be able to offer his faithful service dog the chance to enjoy true happiness.

Atlas works very hard to assist Julian. That’s why Julian felt that it was necessary to give the pup such a thoughtful gift. Service dogs certainly deserve all of the love and affection that they get and Atlas is no different. This story serves as an important reminder to service dog owners about the necessity of giving the animal some downtime.

While this is a wonderful gift for Julian to give to his service dog, it pales in comparison to the gift that Atlas gives Julian each day: his independence. Whatever Julian needs, Atlas is willing to do. The service that he delivers on an everyday basis is irreplaceable and in Julian’s mind, offering the dog a trip to Disney World was the absolute least that he could do.

Atlas is a wonderful forever companion to Julian and their story is almost too adorable to put into words. If you wish to watch the meeting between Atlas and his pal Goofy for yourself, take a moment to check out the video below. This is one introduction that you are certainly not going to want to miss.

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