Shark Darts Towards Diver With Urgent Message – Takes 1 Look At Belly And Confirms Scary Truth

While experienced diver Josh Eccles was swimming along in the warm Atlantic Ocean just off the shore in southern Florida he noticed something very strange.

He was no stranger to sea creatures and had many close encounters but there was something alarming going on with a large lemon shark that was hovering nearby.

The cameras were running to capture this terrifying moment.  The shark began bumping into Josh, not lightly but aggressively as if to say “hey there is something is really wrong here”.  Josh couldn’t understand what it could possibly be.

That’s when he caught a glimpse of the shark’s belly and that’s when it hit him.  He knew exactly what to do. He was about to make a risky choice that could end in disaster…but what happened next was nothing short of a miracle and it was all caught on film.

There was a large hook hanging out of the shark’s belly.  It was only trying to signal for help and Josh quickly went to work.

Lemon sharks are powerful and this one was close to 11 feet long.  They usually mean no harm to humans but can be extremely unpredictable.

Josh swam a close as he could get to the shark’s belly and he began his rescue. We were amazed that Josh was brave enough to approach, I don’t know many people that would risk their own safety to swim up to a shark that close.

The best part of the story is yet to come…the way the shark says “thank you” to his rescuer is quickly become one of the most watched videos on the internet.  No matter how frightening every living creature could use a helping hand once in awhile.

Watch to the end to see this incredible moment caught on camera!

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