She found a piece of glass at the park, turns out to be a rare gem worth tons of money

Victoria Brodski was enjoying her birthday the same way that anyone else would and while her trip to the park would not seem to be anything too far out of the ordinary, what took place once she arrived certainly was. The Crater of Diamonds State Park is the setting for this incredible tale.

This state park is a common location for gem seekers and it can definitely be a lot of fun. Victoria made the trip from nearby Tulsa and she had hoped to try her luck and find a big diamond to cash in for birthday riches. When she made the trip with her family, they pledged to split their proceeds evenly.

Victoria found what she believed to be an interesting piece of glass during the first ten minutes of their visit and while she did not initially think anything of it, the family’s trip to the visitor’s center to cash in their findings revealed that she was a far better gem finder than she realized.

The “brown piece of glass” she found was actually a 2.6 karat diamond and she only figured it out after taking a closer look at the display pictures on hand. According to the park’s staff members, this diamond that she found was actually the second largest diamond ever found on site.

You simply never know when fortune could be waiting for you and we cannot imagine receiving a birthday present like this one. If you enjoyed Victoria’s story of birthday luck as much as we did, then be sure to pass this clip along to all of your closest friends and family members as soon as possible.

Perhaps this will inspire you and your loved ones to take a trip to a state part in your area and find a gem of your own to cash in for untold riches. Who knows what will happen unless you are willing to take a chance, right?

Source: FoxNews

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