She noticed a dark streak under her nail, that’s when doctors reveal the horrible news

Did you know that fingernails are an early indicator of bad health? A woman named Julie learned this the hard way when a dark brown streak formed under her nail. She’s had the discoloration for years, but as the streak grew darker and wider, she decided to go get it checked out.

Doctors delivered the horrible news that Julie was diagnosed with melanoma and her nail had to be removed.


“Just like you have moles on your skin you can have a mole on your nail matrix which is where the nail grows from,” dermatologist Dr. Dana Stern told CBS.

According to CBS News, nail cancer is most commonly detected in thumb, big toe, and index finger nail, although any digit can be affected. Warning signs may include…

Warning signs may include…

– A very dark stripe/streak
– The stripe/streak has blurred borders
– Changes in a stripe that’s been there
– A patient’s medical history

Treatment depends on the stage of cancer, ranging from removing the melanoma and tissue around it, to amputation of the fingertip.

Nail cancer is more common in African-Americans, it’s what reggae legend Bob Marley died of.

Source: CBS News

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