She uses Tiger Balm to remove paint from her hands. Here are 14 other ways to use it


Most of us view Tiger Balm as a relic of the past and do not see it as anything other than something Grandpa uses when he finds himself in need of ointment. Tiger Balm has now been around for over a century and if you find yourself thinking that its merely a product for the elderly, we are here to shatter that perception once and for all.

92611-002For starters, it makes for a wonderful balm when you have experienced mosquito bites. As an added bonus, it can even be added to the skin before heading outside, as a means of repelling insects and keeping them as far away as possible in the first place.


There is no shortage of ways to use Tiger Balm to assist you in everyday life, as it is also a great remedy for bodily odors and achy joints. At the end of a long, hard day of work, there are few better remedies for the sore joints that will take place than a dab of Tiger Balm.


Pests are also repelled from your home’s interior with the use of Tiger Balm, as you can simply add some to your wooden furniture if you find yourself experiencing an increased amount of unwanted visitors.


Tiger Balm is also great to have around in case of sickness and experts recommend applying some to your scratchy throat as soon as you start to notice illness coming on. It also works wonders for stuffy noses, as it contains the same sort of menthol that is utilized in the majority of cold ointments.


As you can see, Tiger Balm is much more useful than given credit for and it is in your best interest to have some around, whether it is summer, winter or fall. If you have a friend or loved one who remains skeptical about Tiger Balm and its many usages, be sure to share this story with them as soon as possible.

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