Sheepdog ‘bodyguards’ protect endangered penguins from foxes, saving them from extinction


Penguins are some of the most adorable animals on the planet and while they are certainly clumsy, that does not make them any less fun to watch when they are waddling about. However, penguins often struggle to protect themselves and this one coastal island in Australia was experiencing a significant decrease to their overall penguin population as a result.

Unfortunately for these penguins, a gang of feral foxes have made their way into their habitat and as you might have imagined, these predators started to make quick work of the defenseless animals. As a result of being picked off repeatedly, the birds were beginning to near extinction.


Just when things were starting to look truly bleak for these animals, they received a much needed rescue in the form of two enormous and fluffy dogs. These sheepdogs were trained in the art of protecting the island’s population of penguins and and once they arrived on the scene, the atmosphere began to change quickly.

Once the dogs got to know their penguin pals a little bit better, they began to dedicate themselves to keeping them safer. When the dogs arrived, there were just 10 penguins on the island and now that they are kept safe, the population has since skyrocketed to 200.


Now that the penguins no longer have to live in fear of getting torn apart by the island foxes, life is much different for them. They can now live freely without having look over their shoulders for dangerous predators.

If you would like to see more of these animals in action, be sure to check out this amazing video of the sheepdogs and penguins in action and once you have finished watching, be sure to take time out to pass it along to your closest friends and family members as soon as possible.

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