Size 14 Is No Longer The Average Size For An American Women

If you are in a conversation with anyone for any length of time, it is likely going to turn to the subject of weight. Some of the conversations may talk about losing weight or perhaps personal efforts for weight loss while other people may discuss the size they are now, the size they were before or perhaps the size of someone else that they know.

In the United States, women understood the average size to be 14 for many years. Since many people compare themselves to others as far as their size is concerned, it was a goal that many hoped to achieve. A new study was published that shows the average size of American women is no longer 14. In fact, it is closer to 16 or 18!

This study, which was published in the International Journal of Fashion Design, Technology, and Education sampled waist sizes of over 5500 women. The study was conducted over 21 years and it was determined that during that time, women gained approximately 2.6 inches around their waist. 21 years ago, the average waist size was 34.9 inches. Today, it is 37.5 inches.

You may or may not find it comforting to learn that the size of American women has gone up on average over the past couple of decades. It wasn’t meant to be a discouraging revelation but rather, it was hoped that the news would cause a change. The researchers said the following:

“Women may be relieved in knowing the average clothing size worn is larger than [they] thought,” and the public can reevaluate just what ‘average’ really means.”

It is also thought that the information may have an impact on retailers and the way that they design and sell clothing as well. They are hoping that it is used by those who are in the industry as well as by consumers. By increasing the average to something that is more accurate, it is hoped that it will help with the self-image of many women who struggle with their weight.

As far as the apparel industry is concerned, the researchers hoped that they would see the numbers and realize that plus size women are not going away. That is especially true considering that plus size is now the average size, and it has been for a long time.

The researchers concluded by saying: “The clothing should fit well, both in style and measurements and be available elsewhere than back corners or solely online.”

They concluded by admitting it was still a controversial topic, but it should no longer be controversial.

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