Soldier forced to say goodbye to his war dog and best friend


When our soldiers are spending their days and nights in foreign countries fighting for our freedom, we do not always stop to consider how lonely they may be. The soldier in this story was serving a tour of duty in Kyrgyzstan when he first met the dog who would eventually become his best friend and the connection that Kyle and Bodza now share will warm your heart.

They were both deployed in the same country and became fast friends as a result. Bodza was eventually able to retire from military service and when he did, Kyle was there, ready and willing to take him home so that the two could start a whole new life together away from the world of combat.


While the two were able to several great years together, Bodza eventually developed a degenerative illness inside of his spinal cord. Kyle knew that his friend needed him in this dark moment and dedicated himself to spending his final days with him.

However, Kyle never could have predicted the reaction that his superiors would have when they learned of Bodza’s conditions. Not only did they arrive at the vet’s office where Bodza was staying but they also brought an American flag to drape over the dog, an ultimate sign of respect.


A photo was taken of this special moment that immediately went viral and Kyle was touched by the fact that his friends would be willing to go above and beyond for a dog that they had never even met before this fateful day.

Kyle and Bodza’s amazing friendship definitely touched our hearts and if this story hit you in the feels like it did with us, be sure to take the time to share with your closest friends and family members as soon as possible so that they have the chance to appreciate this incredible tale as well.

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