Soldier Gets Sent Home When He Hears His Wife Is In The Hospital, Walks In The Room And Freezes

A pregnancy provides us with so much to look forward to. Each day of the pregnancy is another milestone. This experience also provides us with the chance to appreciate one another more and more. Every step that we take on this special journey is more heartwarming than the one that preceded it. It starts with discovering the gender of your unborn child.

From there, you will also get to experience the baby’s first kicks and have the chance to listen to their heartbeat. The nine months of pregnancy provide all sorts of profound moments for parents to be. However, these moments pale in comparison to the big moment itself. Childbirth is a euphoric moment and not being able to spend it with the people who matter most can be saddening.

Chelsea Osborne was forced to live this reality. Her husband Jake a first lieutenant in the army and had been sent on a lengthy tour of duty in Afghanistan. He was sent away a few weeks after the couple learned of their pregnancy. Chelsea had to watch as her husband left her during one of the most tender moments of their entire lives.

Jake did not know if he was actually going to be able to make it back for the birth. He already knew that he was going to miss various moments of his child’s life because of his service obligations. The prospect of missing out on the birth of his child was simply too much to bear. He knew that he was going to have to do something.

Luckily for Jake, he had an understanding commander who was willing to let him head back home for the big day. To say that he was relieved would be a major understatement. For her part, Chelsea had spent the pregnancy joking with Jake. She told him that he had been away too long to truly process the fact that he was about to have a child of his own.

As soon as Jake took his first steps into the hospital to see the birth for himself, he knew that she was right. This reunion between a husband and his wife is one of the most touching moments that you are ever going to see. If you would like to see more of this special reunion for yourself, then be sure to check out this video in its entirety.

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