Son Was In Love With Star Wars, So Dad Makes Him A Death Star-Themed Bunk Bed – See The Inside

Derick Winsett, 30, from Oklahoma City did something really cool for his 5-year-old son, Mavrik, when he learned the boy loved the movie The Last Jedi. He constructed a star wars-themed bed for his boy not just because his son enjoyed the movie, but to help the little man sleep easier. Photos of Derick’s creation have since gone viral.

And it worked; the ‘Millennium Falcon-style sleeping pod’ that hangs from the ceiling has Mavrik racing for bed every night. The bed is fitted with color-changing lights on the inside. Pictures of the pod’s interior show a double bed with television, NERF guns, and lightsabers to help fend off nightmares.

‘My wife, Kendra, had wanted to create a theme for Maverick’s room and I thought Star Wars would be a fun project,’ he said.

‘I took my son to watch the Last Jedi, and he fell in love with Star Wars. He is sleeping in his own bed for the first time now.

‘Two nights in a row he has raced to go to his bed. One down, one to go; guess I need to start  on my daughter’s bedroom.’

It was near impossible to build an entire ship in Mavrik’s room. Derick opted for just creating one section of the vessel that’s one side of Han Solo’s famous ship. Ceiling joists keep the bed raised five-feet off the floor. The interior space is four-feet tall with a fan and colorful lights. It’s not just a neat space for sleeping, but Mavrick can hang out and watch TV. The pod was lined up with a vinyl mural of the ship which was created by Erik Hollander Designs and installed by Silsby Media. The vinyl covers the entire wall. The effect is stunning, as the ship appears to be emerging from the wall and getting ready to fly into hyperspace.

‘My son had many reactions throughout the build,’ added Derick.

Derick chose to paint the exterior a clean grey. He added the distressed touches. Derick described Mavrik’s response at this stage of the creation process: ‘The funniest reaction being when I painted the bed from a clean grey to a weathered finish.

‘He didn’t like it at all and said it looked like poop. Kids’ reactions are priceless; however, in the  end he loved the finished product.

‘My wife and I wanted to create an atmosphere that would spark our kid’s imagination and creativity.  In addition, we wanted a design that would maximize his area for activities.

‘The best reactions are on the internet. The number of people who are my age and older that want  the bed in their room is hilarious, but I can relate.’

We can too, Derick! Well done! We cant’ wait to see what you’ll do for your little daughter’s room.

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