‘Spoiled’ Millennial Rant Claims It Was Easier For Their Parent’s Generation

If there’s one thing Boomers and Gen Xers absolutely love, it’s going online and dragging Millennials, but here’s the thing. One, y’all raised us, so do with that what you will. Two, we Millennials care about human rights. We think everyone deserves a livable wage. We think women should be able to go outside without fear of being attacked, kids should be able to go to school without being murdered by gunmen, and that people of color should be treated equally.

Oh, and we think that having to dig out from under hundreds of thousands of dollars in student loan debt just to get the degree everyone says we need is unfair. And that’s before we even so much as think about taking out a mortgage. If that makes us “annoying,” then so be it I guess.

One Millennial knows what I mean and just fully popped off on Tumblr. They recently posted a rant online (because sometimes screaming into the social media void feels good in between student loan and rent payments) and it’s since gone viral. And before everyone starts participating in the struggle Olympics, keep in mind that there is absolutely no denying that the economy young people inherited is true garbage. It’s just a fact. I’ll be buying a home when I’m approximately dead years old.

So here’s what this fed-up person had to say:

Since the post went viral, there has been a lot of pushback from older folks about how statements like this “create divisions.” Before get into the “wow, let’s not create divisions” conversation, let’s acknowledge that that’s what people say when they’d like to avoid accountability.

Does every generation have its flaws? Yes, because they’re made up of people and people are inherently flawed creatures. But please, I’m begging you, stop blaming us for being mad at the unfair economic lot we’ve been given. Maybe our reaction to a bad system isn’t the thing people should be angry at here.

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