Started From The Bottom, Now We’re Here: Famous Kids Then Vs Now


There are a number of A-list Hollywood stars who have been around for much longer than you may have realized and while these names may make you feel old, they are a reminder of how fast time can fly when you are having fun. For example, did you know that Reese Witherspoon has been a starlet since the tender age of 14? This ageless beauty has certainly done her best to maintain her youthful look.

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Even Elijah Wood is remarkably well preserved, as this former child star has grown into his looks over the years and made the transition from family friendly fare (such as Radio Flyer) to more adult oriented films like Sin City and the Lord of the Rings franchise.

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Did you know that Christian Bale was a child star before he decided to don the Caped Crusader uniform and ascend to megastar status in Christopher Nolan’s take on the Batman franchise? Just check out these amazing photos from his role in the timeless classic Empire of the Sun.

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Neil Patrick Harris also has taken a unique path to showbiz super stardom. He went from playing a prepubescent medical wizard on Doogie Howser to playing a serial ladies’ man on the smash hit sitcom How I Met Your Mother.

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For men of a certain age, the music videos of Britney Spears were a seminal experience and she has maintained her stature in the world of pop music well into adulthood. Just look at her then and now photos….isn’t she still adorable?

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We do not mean for these photos to serve as a representation of the grim march of time. They are meant to remind us that our favorite celebrities are not immune to aging, even when it might seem as if they are! Be sure to share this story with your friends and family on Facebook.

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