Stepmom Shows Up To Little Girl’s Birthday Party, Gives Her A Gift That Leaves Her Dumbfounded

Over 50% of marriages in the U.S. end in divorce. However, according to the Stepfamily Foundation, around 1,300 new families form every day. This is due to approximately 50% of the population remarrying.

In these blended homes, children get a new mother or new father. So not only could they have their biological parents, they have a stepmother or stepfather in their lives as well. For the new stepparents, this integration process might be complicated too. There might be cultural hurdles to overcome and family traditions they’ll need to learn or ones they’d like to integrate to pass along to their new family.

Some kids despise being bossed around by a stepparent; in their mind, this adult isn’t their real parent. These new, blended families can often start out on rocky ground. Some though, everyone ends up getting along just fine.

For the adults in the family, it’s their responsibility to ensure the children adjust well to having someone new in their life. To have their original family shaken up isn’t always easy for them. To add another parent into the mix can be tough. But when all the adults promise to put the children first and to get along for their sakes, the kids can do better aclamating to their new family.

There are some families though, where everyone gest gets along just fine from the very start. In this YouTube video, we see this girl opening gifts on her birthday. Her joy as she tears through the paper to reveal what’s inside is so adorable. She loves every minute of it.

It’s finally her stepmother’s turn to present her present. She offers the little girl a gift bag. Inside, the girl finds a document. Carefully, she removes it. She slowly begins to read it aloud.

It’s only when she reaches the end of the document does the girl finally understand what her stepmother has given her. She’s adopted her! What a wonderful gift. It’s a dream come true for this little girl. Tears fall; hugs are exchanged. No words can show the emotion of this moment. You have to watch the video yourself.

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