Stormy Daniels Comes Clean About Her Affair With Trump While Melania Was Pregnant

Former adult entertainer, Stormy Daniels now denies she had an alleged affair with Donald Trump in 2006 while Melania trump was pregnant. It has nothing to do with any settlement. It never took place, according to Stormy.

The porn actress first claimed she met trump at a golf tournament where they had an affair shortly after. BuzzFeed reporter Tom Namako tweeted on Tuesday that she now says the relationship ever happened.

“Stormy Daniels (going on Kimmel tonight after Trump’s State of the Union) issues a new statement  saying she is denying having an affair with Trump not because of a settlement but because “it never  happened.”

To Whom It May Concern:

“Over the past few weeks, I have been asked countless times to comment on reports of an alleged sexual relationship I had with Donald Trump many, many, many years ago.

“The fact of the matter is that each party to this alleged affair denied its existence in 2006,  20011 [sic], 2016, 2017, and now again in 2018. I am not denying this affair because I was paid  “hush money” as has been reported in overseas owned tabloids. I deny this affair because it never happened.

“I waal have no further comment on this matter. Please feel free to check me out on Instagram at  @thestormydaniels.”

Got to love a girl unafraid of self-promotion. Oh and yeah, what’s up with her calling the Wall Street Journal an “overseas owned tabloid?”

If you thought stormy was finished adding twists and turns to this story, there’s more. In her interview with Jimmy Kimmel Live a few hours after she released the statement, she eluded that it was fake.

kimmel asked about it; she coyly responded: “I do not know where it came from.”

Kimmel pointed out a little factoid the internet also noticed. In her most recent statement, Stormy’s signature appears vastly different than her name found on her headshots.


1. Signed statement from Stormy sent by Michael Cohen when story first surfaced

2. BuzzFeed obtained this signed statement today. We don’t know who sent it in.

3. Stormy’s autograph.

Look at the difference. The BuzzFeed obtained one looks very different.”

Keith Davidson, Stormy’s attorney, told  NBC News the signature on the latest statement is indeed his clients: “she signed the statement today  in the presence of me and her manager, Gina Rodriguez.” He also wrote off Stormy’s appearance on  Kimmel as lighthearted, and said she was just “having fun” and “being her normal playful self.”

Guess we’ll need to stay tuned for the next bizarre update in the stormy trump saga.

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