Stubborn K-9 Officer Refuses To Get Into Car Until Cop Uses Hilarious Technique

We all have those days where we don’t feel like heading to work. The sun is shining; birds are happily serenading the world with their birdsong. The weather is finally beautiful for us to enjoy it. The last thing we want to do is remain indoors. The same can be said of K-9 officer, Jango Jett.

Cassie Costin’s husband, Ryan is a police officer in Arundel County, Maryland. Jango is his K-9 partner. On this unusually warm spring day, Jango wanted nothing to do with catching bad guys and hanging out in the police cruiser. Instead, he would prefer to roll around in the grass and have his belly rubbed.

Jango is one loyal pup; he’d willingly take a bullet for his human companion. But not while he’s enjoying himself in this adorable video taken by Cassie.

The Costin’s and Jango had a rough winter in Maryland. On this lovely spring day, Jango just felt like soaking in the sunshine. Officer Costin’s did all he could to get Jango into his vehicle. Figuring he had two options left, the officer chose one  Jango clearly approved of.

Watch the cute hilarity unfold in the video below as Officer Costins attempts to bribe his K-9 pal and partner to get to work.

My boy Jango Fett really didn’t want to go to work today !!!!!!! I had to reason with him lol lol !!!!! #k9life #oldman

Posted by Ryan Costin on Wednesday, April 25, 2018

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