Sushi Tries To Escape From Someone’s Plate After It Comes Back To Life

Naturally many people are rather squeamish about sushi. It is, after all, raw fish. However, there are many people who have overcome that particular obstacle and describe it as the most delicious food, particularly in Japan where sushi has numerous regional specialties.

But no matter how wonderful one might find raw fish there are always limits and what recently happened in a popular Japanese sushi spot may be enough to change anyone’s mind.

Customers at a popular Japanese restaurant were shocked when the clam nigiri they ordered became to squirm on the plate when it was touched with chopsticks. As it turns out, the fish was not actually alive as it appears to be but was so freshly prepared that the nerve endings were still active and responsive to touch.

Not many people outside the most dedicated sushi aficionados would be comfortable with a squirming fresh dinner, but inside Japan, foodies are more accustomed to watching their dinner dance across the plate.

For example, odori ebi – ‘dancing shrimp’ – is a popular sashimi delicacy. The dish comprises of live baby pink shrimp doused in the alcoholic beverage sake and the animals are consumed immediately, wriggling their legs as they are eaten. In Japan and nearby Thailand, there are various other dishes prepared using live seafood including fish, octopus, shrimp and even lobster. However, the practice is not prevalent outside of the far East and there are strict laws against the consumption of live animals in both Australia and Germany where the practice was once imported by immigrant populations.

Given the cruelty of the practice and the fact that most people would run a mile when confronted with a wiggling plate of seafood it is very unlikely that this is a culinary trend that will spread outside Japan in the near future.

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