Teen Makes Teacher’s Life Miserable Every Day, So Dad Comes To Class To Teach Him A Lesson

Parenting has never been an easy task. In the age of social media, it can often feel as if parents are fighting against forces that are too powerful for them to overcome. As a result, some parents are deciding to use social media instead of allowing it to use them. Parents are now utilizing social media as means of relating to their children. This certainly beats treating it like the enemy.

Brad is a father and he is also a pastor. When he received a call about his son repeatedly acting up in class, he gave his son a very stern warning. If the boy did not want to straighten up and fly right, he was going to come to school with him. The boy was told that his father would be more than pleased to come sit next to him in class until the bad behavior ceased.

Unfortunately, Brad’s son decided that he was not going to heed that warning….to his own peril. Brad’s son (who is also named Brad) got the chance to go viral for all of the wrong reasons. His father was not joking in the slightest. When he decided to take a seat next to his son in the middle of physics class, the resulting photo received thousands of shares and likes.

Not only did Brad have to endure the humiliation of spending a school day with his father in tow but he also learned that his old man was better at social media than he was. What a great way to use this tool to affect a real change instead of spending all of our time whining about “kids these days”. This father meant business and we fully support his actions.

According to Brad senior, Junior is a good kid who simply falls into the trap of trying to be the class clown. This is definitely something that we can all relate to. After all, who doesn’t like to make others laugh? We are going out on a massive limb here and guess that Junior will probably stop horsing around in class when he is supposed to be learning.

This hilarious story serves as a valuable reminder of the importance of good parenting. While we do need to let our kids learn and grow at their own pace, there is something to be said for taking on a hands on approach during moments like these.

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