Teenagers Are Facing 10 Years Behind Bars After Killing Half A Million Bees

Bees are a pivotal aspect of the world’s ecosystem. That’s why there are so many campaigns that are dedicated to saving them from extinction. The fact that they have begun to die off mysteriously has a number of observers worried about the long term effects.

This is why the recent destruction of several Sioux City beehives is being taken with the utmost seriousness. These are not the type of crimes that we can allow to take place without any sort of repercussion. While the damage was done by two boys who are only 12 and 13, they are still at risk of being sent to prison for up to ten years for this crime.

Why such a harsh sentence for what was probably just some innocent mischief? First of all, Tori and Justin Engelhardt are the owners of the bees and the damages that were inflicted led to the loss of tens of thousands of dollars. Over half a million bees were destroyed by these young men. They were not content to knock over a couple of hives, either.

They decided to destroy each and every one. The couple says that they were totally wiped out by this random attack. The boys also smashed up all of their equipment. To make matters worse, it does not appear that the boys decided to steal anything of value. All they did was destroy each and every piece of equipment that they could get their hands on.

Since insurance companies do not repay policy holders for damages that are done to bees, the couple was reduced to starting a Go Fund Me page to foot the bill for the destruction. The community rallied together and provided the couple with the money that they needed to rebuild. The local police also wasted no time when it came to tracking down the culprits.

The children have yet to be named publicly because they are juvenile offenders. Bee populations are decreasing at an alarming rate and while there has been some public outcry about the idea of these boys receiving an adult punishment, we do not see why they should be given any sort of leniency. Without bees, plants are unable to receive the pollination that they need and our way of life is placed in serious peril. Please share this story to spread awareness.

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