Ten Puppies Were Found Dumped Into A Trash Can Outside A Shelter

Sarah Silverstein founded rescue dogs Rock. She’s seen too much as an animal advocate. But nothing can compare to what she observed in January of this year. Someone left ten puppies stuffed in a trash can outside their shelter in del Rio, Texas in the freezing 30°F temperature.

One of her workers called Silverstein and told her of the dire situation. Silverstein told the Dodo: “They were left in that bin like trash. They were just thrown in there — piled like garbage, thrown in like trash. There was no care, no respect. Awful.”

The folks at the shelter brought the cold puppies inside. They knew they needed to be fed, but before they could fill their bellies, they had to get them warmed up. Cold puppies can’t digest food. Milk would curdle in their tummies, killing them.

After they were warm enough, workers gave them milk from bottles. On closer examination, they learned the puppies wern’t as young as they believed. They were the size of 1-2-week-old puppies; but they were actually 3-4-week-old instead. The neglect this cruel person exposed them to stunted their growth.

The puppies were finally stabalized enough to be fostered out. A volunteer quickly offered to take them in. One puppy didn’t survive. One is still holding on, but the others are doing well.

“They look good; they’re in great hands and they’ve had medical treatment,” Silverstein said. “One  is not doing well, so [the foster mom is] basically carrying that one wherever she goes.”

The puppies are growing, but they’re not strong enough or big enough to be brought to the shelter’s main location in New York City. Silverstein and her partner hope to bring them north soon. Once they arrive in NYC, they won’t be ready to be adopted. The staff will need to carefully monitor their health and growth. Thanks to the good folks at rescue Dogs rock, they’re on their way to living a happy life.

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