The creepy reason you should never squish a centipede in your house

House centipede

What we are about to tell you might go against all of your most common instincts, as most of us are trained to crush and kill strange insects and pests that make their way into our homes. However, those who choose to ignore our warnings and smash any centipede that makes their way inside are giving themselves an unwanted problem.

We’ve all had that one fateful moment when we are in the bathroom in the middle of the night and a centipede pokes its head out of the drain to say hello. Resisting the urge to squish the creepy and crawly creatures that end up in our homes can be tough, but we believe in you.

But did you know that the house centipede can actually serve as a valuable barrier between you and a host of other creatures that you would rather not see? This bug might look like it stepped out of your nightmares and we have to admit that they do resemble eyelashes that have come to life.


They serve as nature’s bouncer, keeping your home free of various other pests and critters. If you do decide to squish the house centipede, you will lose out on a crucial line of defense and leave your residence susceptible to various other bugs.

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