The ‘Super Bugger’ VW Beetle Takes The Iconic Car To The Next Level

With its tiny size and iconic curvy shape, the Volkswagen Beetle is perhaps one of the most noticeable vehicles on the road to date. They’ve been stealing hearts since the 1930’s. They aren’t called the ‘people’s car’ for nothing.

The Beetle was meant to be efficient and affordable. And indeed it was; through the 1950’s to the 1970’s it served as a second family car mostly for its size and fuel-efficiency. They were perfect vehicles to take to work.

What it lacked in speed, it made up for in cuteness and customization. People began tailoring and adding features to deck out their beetles. Thanks to the car’s simplistic design, adding these features is quite easy.

In 1975,   a third-party company came out with the ‘Super Bugger’ – a cross between a classic beetle and a small RV. The company used fiberglass paneling to create a tiny living space behind the driver and passenger seats. The car was built on a 1968 VW Beetle platform sold initially for $6,000.

The company chose this model because it was the last year a swing-axle assembly was utilized. This axel was ideal for a recreational vehicle. The ‘Super Bugger’ received so much notice; it graced the cover of Mechanics Illustrated in 1977.

Keith and Glenna Spelrum happen to be proud owners of their very own ‘Super Bugger.’ they’ve kept it in pristine condition: “Nobody ever knows what it is and some guess it’s a Westphalia,” Keith told  My Star Collector Car.

The couple’s vehicle doesn’t have a bed. It does have a dining table and small kitchenette. Perfect for road trips, all you need is a tent to pitch outdoors, and you’re all set. Traveling is easy because the beetle now RV has a 1600cc dual port engine allowing it to maintain highway speeds between 50-55 mph.

Keith and Glenna use their ‘Super Bugger’ as a conversation starter and socializing piece instead of a camper. They get plenty of questions when they take it to auto shows.

“We came to one final conclusion about this very cool VW: it may not be the world’s best camper, but it is the world’s best ice-breaker for Keith and Glenna,” My Star Collector Car says on their website after seeing the hybrid RV in person.

‘Super Bugger’ kits aren’t for sale any longer, but wouldn’t it be fun to own one of these puppies?

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