If You Think Your Socks Are Disappearing From The Wash, You’re Going To Want To Check This Spot

There are certain myths that are able to live on forever because they are passed down from generation to generation. These received forms of wisdom are not always questioned as much as they should be and we tend to just accept without much skepticism. Some of these stories prove themselves to be true and others do not. Most of us have probably heard about socks that end up being eaten by the “laundry monster”.

At this point, it is just easier to accept the fact that our socks have been eaten by this monster than it is to accept the mistakes that we have made ourselves. Cathy Hinz has decided to attack this myth head on and she is supplying the photographic evidence that we need. Sarah Rose is the Twitter user who is responsible for making the picture go viral.

As you can see, there is a reasonable explanation for where your socks have been going all this time. You are not crazy for believing that there was a monster snatching up your socks. This woman’s revelation came about because her husband was given the chance to tinker with a washing machine in their community’s laundry room.

Once the machine started malfunctioning, he popped it open to see what was going on and found out where all of the socks had been going. They were all actually nestled inside of the bottom of the machine. These socks were not the only thing that was located at the machine’s bottom, though. According to the experts who were consulted by The Today Show, the shower’s rubber gasket is probably to blame.

When there are gaps and holes in the seams, this is what causes our socks to slide into cracks and crevices where they cannot be found. By taking a closer look at these areas when we clean our washers, we can avoid these types of concerns going forward. Top loaders could cause the socks to fall in between the walls and the wash tub so please be sure to bear this in mind.

If you are someone who has always believed in the legend of lost socks and you would like to debunk it for your friends and loved ones, this is your perfect time to do just that. Your days of fishing for lost socks are now over and this is your moment to play hero in someone else’s life.


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