This Tiny Hedgehog’s Camping Trip Is Almost Too Cute For Words

We all deserve the chance to take a vacation every once in a while. After all, even the YouTube famous find themselves getting tired from time to time. Azuki the hedgehog has become a social media darling and for very good reason. His Instagram exploits have allowed him to amass a whopping 200,000 followers. Users of the popular social media hub simply cannot get enough of his adventures.

People wait anxiously for his posts. While he has received great acclaim for his past adventures, this latest trip has gotten a lot of attention. The little hedgehog was all set up to enjoy the great outdoors and we are semi jealous of his camping area, to be quite honest. Not only did he have a grill and a tent, but he also had an area to sit down and enjoy the fire.

He even had his own kayak! The photos of his expedition have garnered thousands of likes. If you can get through all of them without saying “awwww” at least once or twice, then you have a heart made of stone. The picture of him sitting at his tiny table while wearing a sun hat made us want to snatch him up ourselves. Just imagine having a pet that is this ridiculously adorable.

Azuki made time for all of the most important aspects of camping. He cooked his own meals and he also found time to bring his tiny kayak out for a spin. Once he had finished enjoying the great outdoors for the day, he could relax in his little bitty chair. Taking in the sunset never seemed so awesome!

Little Azuki is fully prepared for this outing, since he has all of the necessary accessories from Coleman. He has truly thought of everything. All of the other weekend warriors out there who love to camp could stand to learn something from Azuki. We are going to model each and every camping trip that we take off his from now on. Those who don’t are simply missing out on the fun, in our most humble opinion.

We just wish that Azuki the hedgehog would have been kind enough to invite us on the trip. How dare this cute little fellow plan a whole camping trip and not even ask us if we wanted to come along? That’s okay, though. Perhaps we will be able to tag along next time around. If only Azuki wasn’t too famous to answer his DMs on Instagram!

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