Toddler With Down Syndrome Can Barely Speak, Then Sister Plays ‘You Are My Sunshine’

Music is a great tool for learning, especially for kids. It’s how we all learned our ABC’s, after all. In fact, one adorable toddler is learning new words every day with the help of his sister, who loves singing to him.

Little Bo is a two-year-old boy with down syndrome. He’s had a tough time learning how to speak, but he loves listening to his sister, Lydia, sing and play the guitar.

Facebook / Amanda Bowman Gray

One day, Bo’s mom, Amanda Bowman Gray, needed to take a shower and asked Lydia to watch him. When she got out of the shower, she went to watch as Lydia and Bo played together. There, she witnessed an amazing sight — Bo was singing “You Are My Sunshine” right along with his sister! Even better was the fact that this was how the little guy learned his first word.

YouTube / Storyful Rights Management

“My daughter was very repetitive with ‘You Are My Sunshine’ for like three months,” Bowman Gray, of Heber City, Utah, told PEOPLE. “She worked with him, and one day, they were on the kitchen on the floor with him, just doing their little music therapy, and she screamed that he said his first word, ‘happy.'”

“I made Lydia show me,” Bowman Gray recalled. “Of course, I screamed, and I brought down my husband! I teared up, I was very emotional. I got my camera out and asked him to say again and again! We were all laughing, all the kids were coming up!”

YouTube / Storyful Rights Management

Since then, Lydia and Bo have been keeping up with their “music therapy” sessions. Bo has learned 12 words so far, and some of his favorites words in the song are, “happy,” “gray,” “dear,” and “away.”

“Every word he has learned has been through music and singing,” Bowman Gray said. Watch as the adorable pair sings together in the video below.

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