Toothpaste isn’t just for your teeth. Here are 10 unexpected ways to use it around the house


Every bathroom has at least 1 tube of toothpaste in it and while most of us simply use toothpaste as a means of keeping our chompers looking their best, there are a number of other uses for toothpaste that you may not have initially realized. Let’s take a closer at some of the toothpaste hacks that you are currently unaware of.


For starters, toothpaste is wonderful when it comes to cleaning our scuffed up shoes. All you need to do is apply the toothpaste directly to the part of the shoe that is scuffed and then buff the area. Once you remove the toothpaste from the region that was scuffed, the shoe will look like brand new.


Maybe you have children who refuse to color inside of the lines and choose to draw on your walls instead. If so, toothpaste is one of the best remedies for a home that is filled with unsightly crayon marks. Simply add the toothpaste to a damp cloth, gently scrub the wall and watch the crayon marks vanish.


Your old silver jewelry could also use some toothpaste when it is in need of sprucing up. When your silver jewelry is starting to become dingy, this is your cue to rub in some toothpaste with your cleaning toothpaste and restore it your pieces to their original form of luster.


Piano players who want their keys to look their best can also benefit from toothpaste cleaning hacks. To bring your keys back to your preferred level of whiteness, wipe them down with toothpaste and water and watch them shine.


The last thing you want to do is keep all of these incredible toothpaste hacks to yourself, right? So be sure to pass this story along to your friends and family members, so that they can also enjoy the many benefits that an ordinary tube of toothpaste can provide.

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