Traits You Inherited From Your Mom Vs What You Inherited From Your Dad

Which parent do you think you take after the most? Do you have your mom’s eyes and face? Your dad’s stubbornness and attitude? Have you ever really stopped to consider why you take after one parent over the other in specific ways? Whether you identify more with your good ol’ mum or pop is personal to you.

What you learned in your high school biology class has probably changed. It turns out that the traits you inherited from your mother and father aren’t split 50-50. We have a higher probability of taking after our mothers than our fathers. Problems like low vision, color blindness or blindness are inherited by our mothers. Most men suffer from this than do women. The defect is found on the x chromosome.

What else have are dear mothers handed down to us? Men can partly thank their mothers for baldness. While the ladies can thank her for their mood disorders. Our moms also handed down inheriting type 2 diabetes, and Parkinson’s.

So why are we more likely to receive more from our mothers? She has a double X chromosome. This increases the odds of you inheriting these traits and diseases.

Unlike your mother’s XXs, your father’s single Y chromosome just doesn’t have the influence that your mother does. Mom might rule the roost. But she commands the genetics. With that being said, you might resemble your father; you could’ve inherited his facial bone structure. Do your eyes, cheekbones and jawline look like your father’s? Here’s an interesting fact: those children who look similar to their fathers have a closer relationship with dad than those who resemble mom.

When you look in the mirror, your physical traits staring back at you can also be shaped and molded by your environment. In some instances, nurture does trump nature.

Clear as mud? Thought so. Check out the video below.

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