Trans-Woman Spends Over 50,000 Dollars On Plastic Surgery To Look Like Dragon

Eva Tiamat Medusa is a trans-woman from Bruni, Texas, who claims to be the “most modified transgender person in the world.” And if you saw her, you’d have a hard time disagreeing, because not only is she transgender, but says she’s “trans-species” as well.

Several years ago, Medusa was the vice president of a bank, but she left her career behind in pursuit of her life’s passion: to become a dragon — or, at least, resemble one. She’s spent over $50,000 on body modifications including having spikes implanted on her head, scales tattooed on her body, her nose and nostrils moved, her tongue forked, her ears removed, and the whites of her eyes dyed green.

But before identifying as a dragon or a woman, Medusa was, physically, a man who was diagnosed with HIV and didn’t want to die as a human. When she was five years old, she says she was abandoned by her parents. She also claims to have had a “born again” experience when a “western diamondback rattlesnake took her under its wing.” We’re not really sure what to say about that.

As for what inspired her transformation, Medusa had this to say to The Wizard Of Odd TV:

“For me, my transformation is the greatest journey of my life, there are profound reasons and deep meanings about my transformation and why I’m doing it.”

 “I have two mothers: one is my original birth mother and my second birth is to my reptilian parents, which are the rattlesnakes. My big thing though was I didn’t want to die in this world looking like a human.”

“As much awesomeness and goodness there is in humans, compared to other species they are the most destructive and hateful. I decided at that time, that it was time for a change in my life, so I wanted to look like something that wasn’t human.”

And despite all the questions, stares, and hate that her unique new look attracts, Medusa doesn’t regret her transformation. In fact, she hopes it will inspire other people to pursue their dreams in life, whatever they may be.

The end of June will be here before I know it so I am already getting the wheels turning and making plans to go west and move to California after my lease is up here this summer. There is a certain special man in California whom I've been talking to since late 2014. We were going to finally meet in person when I was in Los Angeles last time October but something came up and we weren't able to, so I'm really looking forward to getting to meet him in person and see where things go with us. Because I decided to leave Texas, I did not pursue anything with Jose here in Houston because I don't want to start something and then leave and I don't want to have a long distance relationship with anyone. I just decided it was best for me not to start anything with Jose, but we will be friends. Get ready California, here comes the Serpent Dragon, flicking its tongue and shaking its rattle.

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“I would like for there to be an open dialogue about the world of body modification and understand what it was like to live as a gay man for 53 years and now as a transsexual woman. There’s a lot of misunderstanding about what it means to be transsexual and then further than that – something that I’m introducing – the idea of trans-speciesism. I consider myself not just to be human anymore; I’m human and reptilian.”

“My greatest desire in life is to continue my body modification until my metamorphosis is complete. This is what drives me – this is the reason why I get up every day and live. I hope that my story will help other people – not only those who have gone through hard times, but also people who have lost hope.”

Learn more about Medusa’s story by watching the video below. You can also check out more photos of her transformation on Instagram.

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