Twitter Can’t Get Enough Of This Picture Showcasing Hilary Duff’s ‘Junk In The Trunk’

The concept of the “thick” woman being desirable may seem relatively new to come. For experienced pop culture observers, this is a phrase that has been used for at least 15 years (if not longer). If you are someone who is blissfully unaware of this word’s importance of the lexicon, it is time to climb out from under that rock that you have been sleeping under.

When the term “thick” is used to refer to a woman, it is usually meant as a compliment. It is meant to describe a woman who is the furthest thing from bony. When she has a round bottom and a little extra padding in the hips and thighs, those of us who appreciative of such things will use the term in a certain context. The phrase has been around for a minute but is making a major comeback as of late.

The Internet is well aware of the fact that a “thick” woman may not always qualify for the societal standards of beauty that are traditionally held by most. This is not an adjective that most of us would think to use when describing Lizzie McGuire. Hillary Duff may have taken a few steps back from the spotlight since her initial rise to fame.

She has since come back into the public eye in a very big way. All of our childhood idols have to grow up eventually. We simply never could have predicted that Hillary would fill out as well. A paparazzi shot of Duff revealed that she had developed an ample derriere in the meantime and of course, the Twitter sphere lost its mind almost immediately.

What we can say? We like big butts and we cannot lie. Hillary’s career has continued to thrive in the meantime. However, most of us will always associate her with the role of Lizzie McGuire and this relatively drastic change has caused many to realize that the good old days are well behind. Nothing symbolizes the grim march of time quite like a big old late 20s booty.

One thing is for sure, though: Hillary is looking great and she is aging like fine wine. Twitter is enjoying themselves for a change as well. It is exceedingly rare for everyone on Twitter to find something that they agree about. If Hillary’s newfound curves are able to bring people together then who are we to argue? Be sure to share her special surprise with all of the booty aficionados in your life.

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