UCLA Gymnast Scores Perfect 10 With Impressive Michael Jackson Floor Routine

I envy gymnasts; they’re graceful, flexible and fantastic with their flips, twists, contortions, and twirls. Katelyn Ohashi is a sophomore at UCLA. She’s in a class all her own. She scored two tens last season for her balance beam routines.

Katelyn isn’t only a phenomenal performer in college competitions. She’s a former member of the USA junior national gymnastics team. She even beat out Simone Biles to win the 2013 American Cup. This season, she didn’t disappoint.

In February, she performed a floor routine at the 2018 Pac 12 Championships. She wowed the crowd and judges with a floor routine set to a montage of Michael Jackson’s greatest hits. Katelyn even incorporated some of his moves.

Of course, she makes her routine appear easy with a series of elegant and acrobatic moves. She does a ‘quick series of backflips and  twirls, topped off with mid-air splits and a mid-air somersault.’

She loves what she’s doing. She plays off the energy from the audience. She received another perfect score for this performance, which helped her team beat Oregon state. It also helped UCLA reach a season high of 198.

Watch Katelyn’s incredible performance in the video below!

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