Vaping Causes Cancer, Says New E-cigarette Research

Those who wish to put down the cigarettes once and for all have been turning to vaping at a greater rate than ever before. A new study has since been released that is meant to serve as a major eye opener for the vape crowd. These studies show that vaping can lead directly to genetic mutations. Once the genetic mutations take place, the person is at far greater risk for developing cancer.

The study was conducted by New York University experts. Human and mice bladders were both exposed to the smoke that is given off by e-cigarettes in order to judge the damages that would be done. There is no form of smoking that is technically “good” for us. On the other hand, those who have come to rely on vaping as a means of satisfying their cravings are going to be unsettled by these findings.

Since vaping has come into popularity, there has been a prevailing sense that it is much healthier for us than smoking traditional cigarettes. The results of the studies beg to differ. According to their results, e-cigarettes pose a far greater risk to smokers than previously believed. The risk of lung and bladder cancer is much higher than the risk factors for nonsmokers.

Philip Morris’ plans to market their own vaping device as a healthy alternative to cigarettes has since been shuttered by the Food and Drug Administration. Vaping does not place our bodies at the same level of risk as far as exposure to cancer causing chemicals is concerned. Those who vape do place themselves at a greater level of risk overall.

This is not the first study to draw such conclusions. A study at the University of North Carolina found similar results as well. E-cigarette smokers who thought that they could reduce their risk of developing cancer would do well to pay close attention to these studies. This is especially true for teens, as they are becoming some of the frequent users of e-cigarettes.

Please be sure to share this story to spread awareness about these matters. Let’s all do our part to remove this harmful myth from the national consciousness. Take a moment to pass this important information along to each and every one of the e-cigarette users that you know. All it takes is one quick share to make a major difference in someone’s life.

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