Warm or Cold Water? Make Your Choice and See What Happens to Your Body

It’s recommended we drink 64 ounces of water each day. But did you know there are pros and cons for consuming both cold and warm H2O? Turns out water isn’t just water. Here are some arguments for each case and their health benefits and side effects.

Most people prefer drinking colder water. It’s refreshing on a hot day. The main question you should be asking yourself is: what does drinking cooler water mean for your body?

Cold water can prevent heat stroke. The cooler liquid will lower your body temperature quickly if you’re overheated. On the other hand, cold water can make you sick. It can increase and expand the levels of mucus in your body. This can result in a lowered immune system. Another concerning side effect of drinking cold water is, it can reduce your heart rate. The liquid stimulates the vagus nerve, which is part of your nervous system.

If you drink cold water, it can make you weaker. Your body will have to put out more energy to warm itself. It will drain your strength, possibly making you feel lethargic and exhausted. Along with making you sick, cold water can cause your stomach to become upset. It can shrink your blood vessels. Thus hindering your body’s ability to digest food properly which can lead to an upset tummy or constipation. This is especially true when eating a meal. The digestion process slows when you sip cold water as opposed to warmer water.

So although drinking colder water is good for us, it’s not always the best option. What are some pros associated with drinking warm water? Let’s find out.

Warm water can aid in weight loss. The more lukewarm water increases your metabolism, allowing you to burn more calories because your body is working to compensate for the increase in temperature. Don’t drink warm water after you exercise. Cooler water is more effective in lowering your body temperature.

If you’re experiencing muscle cramps or pain, drinking warmer water can help relieve these aches. It can also help remove toxins from your system. To flush out even more contaminants, add a slice of lemon to your drink. There is vitamin C in the lemon, which will aid in removing more of the nasty stuff.

Are you constipated? Drink warm water. It will improve your bowel movements. This is a tastier alternative than some of the gross products out there that cause discomfort.

Now you know of the pros and cons of cold and warm water, will you be making some changes to your diet? I know I will.

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