“We turned 19 two weeks ago and now you’re gone” Heartbreaking tribute to lost twin sister


Sabrina Puckett is your normal everyday teenage girl, but her life comes with one major twist. She once had a twin sister named Caitlin and while she passed away in 2016, the two have still maintained a strong connection that Sabrina does everything in her power to commemorate.

“You died this morning, August 2, 2016. You were just 19 years old. You kicked cancer’s ass four times since 2011, but you were also so tired.”

She decided to offer a tribute to her fallen sister recently and she posted the tribute on Imgur, a popular website for photo sharing. In this photo tribute, she called her sister a “dork” and fondly remembered the affection that her sister had for all of her family members.


These girls shared an awkward adolescence together and Sabrina has the photos to prove it. Sabrina even calls her sister “Momma” and the connection that they shared is clearly evident. The true beauty of this tribute lies in the fact that Sabrina is able to maintain a sense of humor.


“You graduated high school this year, a whole year behind me. But I’d never seen a whole stadium give a standing applause like the one they gave you.”

She does not let the tribute get too sad and she does not show any signs of feeling sorry for herself. She does admit that there may be a few typos, due to the fact that she was crying during the making of the tribute.


“We were twins, even if sometimes people didn’t believe us. And I never imagined having to live life without you.”

Caitlin was a singer in the choir and while her choir may have lost a singer, Sabrina knows that Heaven gained a singer of their own and has been able to put this tremendous loss in its proper perspective. Caitlin’s love for animals is also showcased in the tribute and this heartwarming message was shared over half a million times as a result.


If this story touched you as much as it did us, you will want to share it with your closest friends and loved ones. We are sad to see Sabrina suffering, but thanks to her indomitable will and good spirit, she has found the silver lining to the one of the most difficult clouds she is ever going to face.

View her entire tribute below:

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