Weatherman Shares Awesome Hack To Instantly Defrost Your Windshield Using Household Ingredients

Winter is fast approaching; if snow has yet to fall in your neck of the woods, it will soon. This means getting up earlier to defrost your car windows. Standing in the bitter cold bundled up in your coat hat and gloves as you scrape frantically away at the ice coating your windshield. While in your car, your coffee goes from steaming to cold sludge in your cup.

I’m perhaps over exaggerating. But on those bitter-cold days when the wind howls and something like sleet stings your face as you struggle to clean your car windows, it seems like your task will never end.

If you’re unable, or unwilling to move to a warmer climate, there is a solution to save you time freezing outside your car. Meteorologist, Ken Weather’s, (and yes that is his name), posted a video that went vial on Youtube. The East Tennessee WATE 6 News weatherman says the resolution is simple.

Take two parts Isopropyl alcohol, (rubbing alcohol), and 1 part water; mix and then put in a spray bottle. Simply spray the solution, and it will deice your windows in no time.

Mind you, don’t use hot water on your windows because they will break. However, don’t worry about keeping the bottle of this easy mixture in your car overnight. It won’t freeze.

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