Wife finishes 14-hour shift and eats sandwich alone. Then husband shares viral post on Facebook

Philip and his wife Jessica reside in upstate New York. They live in the city of Rome and Jessica works as a nurse in a stroke ward. As you can imagine, the 14 hour shifts that this job requires can leave her feeling drained. Philip is understanding of his wife’s profession and knows just how hard her days can be. One day, she came home particularly exhausted.

All she had time to do was make herself a sandwich before heading off to bed. She needed all the sleep that she could get before the next 14 hour shift began. Philip decided to show his appreciation for his wife with a Facebook post. Love What Matters is a popular page on the social media hub and this is where Philip decided to share his feelings for his wife.

He spoke about the couple’s daily routine. He let the world that Jessica does not like to be pestered during the mornings (of course) and that she still makes time to give him and the dog before leaving each day. Philip’s touching words put a smile on the faces of many and for good reason. He did not stop there, though.

Philip went on to discuss all of the hard work that she does on a daily basis. Jessica provides vital assistance to those who have suffered from strokes and she also helps patients who have experienced car accidents and severe falls. This is one husband who recognizes how tough his wife’s job is. Even better, he is not scared to communicate his feelings with the rest of the world.

Jessica’s job may be challenging but she is able to head to work each day with a smile on her face. She knows that she is doing her part to make the world around her a better place. Few of us ever get the chance to help those that are less fortunate. Jessica is able to live out these dreams on a everyday basis. In her mind, a little bit of fatigue is well worth it.

Philip’s willingness to stand beside his work and understand just how tough her job can be is too sweet to accurately put into words. Every woman should be so lucky to come home to a man who gets it. Philip is supportive, thoughtful and willing to put his own concerns to the side. Husbands everywhere would do well to learn from him.

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