Woman Has 6 Ribs Removed And Spends 125k To Look Like Jessica Rabbit

Some people have their own ideas about what beauty means to them. Case in point: 25-year-old American Pixee Fox. She’s prepared to take extreme measures in order to achieve her beauty ideals.


She has admired the cartoon character Jessica Rabbit since her childhood and at some point she decided that she wanted to look exactly like her.


In that pursuit, she has undergone many plastic surgeries. Her face was simply the beginning.


To realize this unbelievable and indeed unnatural figure, Pixee had six ribs removed and breast augmentation. Her waist measurement is now a mere 11.8 inches.


In the meantime, she has gone under the knife 14 times and spent over $125,000. Still, not every doctor is willing to undertake these procedures, so Pixee has had to invest serious energy into her transformation.


Many people are shocked by her appearance, particularly when they see what she previously looked like. She was at one time a passionate dancer. Many are of the opinion that she was clearly much prettier then.


But Pixee says that she is happy the way she is now. Still, her transformation is not quite complete, but she’s inching closer and closer to achieving her “dream body.”


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