Woman Discovers Gross Retail ‘Secret’ After Trying On A Bra In The Fitting Room

Online shopping provides a number of us with the ability to find the clothes that we want without ever having to leave the house. Despite the increased popularity of online shopping, those who wish to find the perfect fit will still need to head to a brick and mortar location to fulfill their needs. This is especially true for those with unusual body shapes.

Buying clothes from a traditional retail outlet might seem like the perfect solution for all of these problems. In reality, there are issues that also take place at these locations that we may not be aware of. No matter where we are in the world, there is always someone there who is willing to make it gross. This is a lesson that one woman recently learned firsthand.

This woman simply wanted to go shopping for a bra and this is something that any woman should be able to do without having to wonder if her privacy or peace of mind is going to be compromised in the process. When she visited a fitting room to try on a bra, she found one that suited her needs but it did not have an actual price tag on it.

Can you believe that this bra was left inside of the fitting room by a past customer? We cannot even begin to imagine how disgusted this woman must have felt. Just imaging heading to the store to try on some new undergarments only to find out that the garments in question have already been worn by another person. This is a disgusting scenario no matter how you slice it.

It is bad enough that someone would even think to shoplift a bra but to put the old one back after you are done takes some serious chutzpah. Once this woman shared her horror story on Twitter, a surprising number of people decided to chime in with tales of their own. People have mimicked the bra thief’s tactics with shoes and boots as well.

For future reference: be sure to check all of the tags before placing any foreign clothes on your body. You just might be able to avoid going boob to boob with a stranger like this woman did. In the meantime, take a moment to pass this story along and increase awareness about these dressing room bandits and their “clever” switcheroo tactics.

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