Woman Forces Fox To Be Vegan And Before-And-After Photos Are Devastating

Say it with me now, people: Your dog is not vegan. You might be vegan. You may avoid eggs, meat, and animal-derived beauty products like the plague. You might eat lots of greens, drink plenty of water, and have clear skin that’s glowing for the gods. You probably also take vitamins and supplements if your food doesn’t totally cut it for you. And that’s awesome. Do your vegan thing.

Do not, however, scream into the internet void about how evolved you are for making your carnivorous pet a vegan because forcing Fido to be vegan is about as bad as eating a steak on the whole “abusing animals” front. Canines are meat-eaters, plain and simple. By depriving them of meat protein, you are effectively killing them. Not so vegan-friend now, are you?

And someone needs to tell that to this complete clown named Sonia Sae who A) owns an exotic fox which is ethically unsound in and of itself and B) has decided that this fox is vegan. Jumanji, her fennec fox, is deteriorating right before her eyes but she isn’t worried because he isn’t eating meat. Okay, lady.

According to people who actually know things about animals and who are decidedly not Sonia Sae, the fennec fox diet is 90% meat and insects and 10% supplemental plants. Fennec foxes need a lot of compounds that are primarily accessible to them through animal tissues and insects, like calcium and taurine.

Without those compounds, these foxes deteriorate quickly. Their hearts are reproductive systems are often the first to go. Tragically, little Jumanji is suffering deeply from blindness, spontaneous convulsions, and a severe and completely painful skin condition. Unsurprisingly, Sae does not feel that effectively starving him to death is the problem.

Obviously, people with functioning thinky parts have taken to the internet to voice their concern for Jumanji.

Here’s what the cutie used to look like.

And here’s the heartbreaking condition he’s in now.

I, too, would like to slap Sonia Sae upside the head.

Sonia likes to pop off about Jumanji’s “allergies” which are actually just symptoms of the fox dying right before her stupid eyes.

Here’s a little more of what’s going on with this poor animal.

True to internet influencer form, in Sonia’s alternate reality, these people are mere “haters” who can be brushed off.

Who’s gonna tell her that these “haters” are just people with fully developed brains?

Okay, this next photo has officially sent me straight over the edge.

Oh, and here’s an image of Jumanji’s body eating itself.

And finally, we have this collection of word garbage from someone who is ostensibly NOT A SCIENTIST. And yes, you absolute moron, someone having a biology degree DOES indeed make them more informed about science than you, you byproduct of internet culture.

The internet really is turning us into lesser life forms. Ah, 2018. These are terrible times. Sonia, you’re the absolute worst. Jumanji, I’m sorry she’s treating you this way.

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