Woman Tries To Steal Cat From Front Porch – Didn’t Expect It To Make This Great Escape

Cats tend to be separated into 2 different categories, inside cats and outside cats. Mo is a beautiful, 8-year-old tabby that spends his time indoors but also enjoys hanging out on the front porch with his owner at their Lincoln, Nebraska home. This was one of those days and his owner, Samuel Forrest Evertson was right there with his precious feline, keeping an eye on him.

Although they were relaxing on the porch together, Samuel needed to get up at one point and go inside. He was only gone for a moment but that is when a catnapper showed up.

Many people are surprised to learn just how common pet thief is in the world. Many of the pets that are stolen from families don’t get a good life in exchange. They are often stolen for breeding purposes or perhaps they are kept until the family offers a reward. At that point, the thief returns to save the day and to collect some money in the process.

Unfortunately, there are also many animals stolen from happy families to use for experimenting and testing at veterinary institutions or used for research.

Samuel was inside of his home when his phone went off with a notification. It was his security system sending him an alert that activity was taking place on the front porch. He looked outside and everything seemed to be fine.

When the security footage was later reviewed, however, there was something very disturbing on the tape. That footage has been shown on Facebook and has received more than 100,000 views. It shows Mo relaxing on the front porch when a young blonde approaches.

She tries to lure Mo closer by rubbing your hands together and then she pets him a few times. When he gets close enough, she quickly grabs him and takes off.

She runs over to her car that is waiting on the street.

It seems as if Mo realized that something was wrong. Since he spends most of his time indoors, he may have been frightened by the outdoor activity. Regardless of why he was frightened, he managed to pull off a fantastic escape at the last moment.

She took one of her hands off of Mo to open the car door and he slipped right out of her grip, jumped over her shoulder and ran back to the front porch.

The Police Department described it as a “heroic escape” in an official statement.

When Samuel saw what had actually taken place during the few moments he was inside, he was livid! He reported the issue to the police and uploaded the video to Facebook to warn others in the nearby area.

The local Facebook community pulled together to determine what had happened and to bring this woman to justice. As it turns out, this story has a happy ending that extends beyond the fact that she was outsmarted by Mo. it also received many comments, including the following:

“I hope the cat bit her and she gets a bad infection!”

“Just go to the damn humane society! Cats are like $20. Don’t steal a pet from its family!”

One woman called the police after seeing the video because the cat thief looked a lot like her neighbor.

The 17-year-old girl was questioned by the police and she admitted to the crime. She said it was because she was dared by a friend but she didn’t intend on keeping the cat.

Regardless of what the intentions were, she is now being investigated for both trespassing and larceny.

Mo, on the other hand, is still a little shaken but, according to Samuel, he is now chilling on the inside where no one can snatch him!

As they say, all’s well that ends well. Unfortunately, not all cats are as lucky as Mo. It is important to protect your pet because the theft of animals is very common. It is also important to have a microchip and ID collar on your pet and to keep a close eye on them when they are outdoors.

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