Woman Left Humiliated After Staff At Popular Coffee Chain Laughed At Her Name

When was the last time you had to go looking for a new job? Not only can it be difficult because you are meeting new people all of the time, it can be a very exhausting chore as well. It seems as if you put yourself out there to be critiqued by the public and sometimes you need to deal with a lot of rejection.

Another issue that many face today is a declining job market and for those who are just trying to get their foot in the door, it can be a frustrating experience. Sometimes, we might even end up taking a job that really doesn’t fit our personality or personal preference because we are out of options. Of course, the potential employers could do us all a favor by treating us with respect and compassion.

One teenager in South Wales was applying for a job at a local coffee shop. Her name is Jordanna Ellsmore and this 17 year old girl was full of hope that she could land her ‘dream job’ and put a little cash in her pocket. The coffee shop she was applying for is part of a chain, Costa Cafe but when she applied, they responded in a way that left her crushed and humiliated.

It wasn’t so bad that they told her they were not hiring. After all, they did follow it up with the hope that they would find some hours for her during the week. The real problem happened after she left and she became aware of it because one of her friends overheard what the staff said.

Jordanna’s friend explained what happened:

“I was in Costa when you came in asking for a job. As soon as you walked out they all started taking the piss out of your name, saying that your name lets you down and that they won’t hire someone with a name like that.”

Understandably, Jordanna was upset when she heard about what was said. After all, she put herself out there to ask for a job and they acted very un professionally. She had the following to say about the ordeal:

“I was honestly humiliated. I’m only 17 and I didn’t understand that that stuff happened. I know it’s a weird name, but it’s not very nice.”

“Since then I’ve been hired and one of the first things my manager said was how much of a lovely name I had. It was a horrible thing to say.”

The Administration of Costa Coffee got personally involved after learning about the experience. One of the staff contacted the local coffee shop and discussed the situation. A spokesperson for the company had the following to say:

“We’ve spoken with the team locally who are really upset to learn they had offended a potential new team member.

“The team were joking about another team member called Jordan in the store and it was absolutely not their intention to cause any distress or upset. The area manager has since been in touch with Jordanna directly to apologized for any offence caused.”

As it turns out, it was just a big misunderstanding, at least when you hear their side of the story. It isn’t the first time that there has been some kind of problem at a coffee shop.

This really serves as a lesson for all employers. You really need to be cautious about how you treat those who come in looking for a job. In today’s electronically connected world, it doesn’t take long for things to go south. They say that there is no such thing as ‘bad publicity’ but after hearing something like this, you have to wonder.

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